Sunday, April 21, 2013

Five for Friday

The weekend is finally here!!! Woo hoo!!!!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

1.  This week we had a LOT of rain!!  I think in one day we had 5-6 inches - CRAZY amounts of rain!  There was a lot of flooding (even some hail) and due to the rain we had to have several days of indoor recess.  That made for some antsy kiddos!!  One entrance of our school was flooded pretty bad and we nicknamed it "Lake Washington".  One of my students suggested we go swimming!

2.  We've been working hard this week learning about animals and habitats.  We finished learning about the last few habitats - oceans, freshwater, and the arctic.  Students spent a lot of time researching their animal for their "mystery animal" project.  We also worked in small groups to research a particular habitat.  I found these super cute Habitat Flipbooks on TPT.  They are from The Teaching Reef.  Students are almost done researching and we are going to assembly the books next week.  Very excited!!

3.  In math this week, we focused on measurement.  Students created a Measurement Garden from the I Can Measure! Unit from Step Into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons.    

4.  We also did a measurement hunt.  Students measured things around the room in inches and centimeters.  I was planning to take them outside to do this, but all that rain got in our way!

5.  I spent my free time this week finishing my animals and habitats unit - FINALLY!!  I feel a sense of accomplishment to finish my first big unit!!  I've also been preparing for my observation coming up next week.  Always a stressful thing!!  I'll be glad when it's done!  But, the husband distracted me this weekend with a "date night" to see the new Tom Cruise movie "Oblivion", which was just what I needed!

  Hope everyone has a great week!



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  2. Thanks Stacy!! I just sent you an email. I'm so excited! We really enjoy following your blog and learning new ideas for teaching 2nd grade!

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