Monday, April 22, 2013

A Very Busy Monday . . .

Today was a jam packed Monday!  We started off talking about Earth day.  Since we are learning about animals and habitats, we watched a few "School House Rock" Earth videos about how to save the ocean, rainforest, and rivers.  Our kiddos loved the songs!  

This week we are focusing on cause and effect.  We took the ideas we learned about how to protect the earth and incorporated that into our habitat unit.  Students are working in groups to learn about a specific habitat.  So, we talked about the causes of pollution and how it effects the habitat they are studying.  Today we started writing our ideas down.  Many of the students related their ideas back to our recycling unit from the beginning of the year.  I can't wait to read their finished written pieces later this week!  

We are going to continue learning about cause and effect this week with "A Bad Case of the Stripes" by David Shannon.  

To go along with this story, I created a new unit that I'm super excited to use this week.  This unit includes - 
*cause and effect posters, organizer, sort and QR Code Activity
*an acrostic poem
*adjective activity
*retelling organizer
*can-has-is organizer
*character organizer
*several writing prompts and writing pages
*writing rubric
*stripes medicine activity
*face to create Camilla (or student) with a bad case of stripes

Check back later this week for pics and an update on how I used the unit with my class!  For your copy, click on the pictures above or HERE.  Please let me know what you think and how you used it with your students!!  I would love your feedback!

We finished up our measurement unit today.  Our kiddos love an "I Spy" activity.  So today, we did an "I Spy Sandcastle" Activity from Amy Lemon's unit I Can Measure!  Students searched the room for different sized sandcastles.  They estimated and measured the sandcastles in inches and centimeters.  I just love this unit!  Great ideas that are easy to implement and our kids love them!

We are starting Geometry next - one of my favorite math units!!  Can't wait!!  I hope the kiddos are as excited as I am!


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