Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Re-Made It and My Etsy Store Grand Opening!

Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It I  have been revamping one of my very first products I ever made for TpT!  Kind of crazy how much I have changed as a tech savvy designer in just 7 months!  So back in January I had created a writing center activity focused on "How To" books.  It was the perfect activity to add to our writing center during guided reading.  Students get to pick from any of the "how to" topic cards and then write the procedure for the topic.

Ironically, after I had posted this as an initial *freebie* with teachingblogaddict  I had gotten chosen from the "Random Number Generator" on Teaching Blog Addict to be the featured product of the week! I was so escatic and overwhelmed that some little thing I created had gotten chosen. I seriously had no idea what I was even doing yet with blogging and selling on TpT.  I had never joined a link up or anything! {Makes me laugh now!!} Little did I know how big of a hit it was going to be!  I had over $1,000 pins and over $1,000 downloads when it was free!!  I couldn't even believe it!  Anyhow, that was a very fun moment for me as I entered into this awesome teaching blog and TpT community!

So here is my new "How To" Writing Activity all revamped.  I added several more "How To" Cards and changed the graphic organizers and writing paper to meet the needs of our young writers.   Here is the original version..I still have it on TpT! Click here.
"How To" Writing Cards and Writing Paper

 20 "How To" Cards
"How To" Graphic Organizer with Transition Words 
 "How To" Writing Page" with picture, transition words, and writer's checklist!

"HOW TO" Flip Book

Also this week I was very busy opening of my very own Etsy store! 
I am so excited about this.  Since doing my TpT products, I have found a special interest in making other digital products.  Two years ago when I got married I was bound to stick within my budget and create a variety of different accent pieces to make it that much more special and unique.  It started with the save the dates, then the invitations, programs, table cards, water bottle labels, Mad-Libs for guests, kids games, etc!  So, last week I opened up my store and I was so excited to receive my very first sale!  
My store is called Blue Eye's Designs.  My store will focus on two special moments in a woman's life: getting married and having a baby.  I know how special my wedding was and making it as unique as possible, I can't imagine that when having my first child I am going to feel any different!  Many of my products will focus on wedding details like I did for my own wedding.  My baby products will include mostly wall art, baby monthly onesie stickers, invitations, and water bottle labels. 
I would love for you to come check out my store! Many items in my store would make for a fun and unique baby shower gift.  Right now everything in my store are *INSTANT DOWNLOADS!*  This will make it much easier on me with less running around. I love personalizing and customizing to fit your style.   Below are some sample products in my store!! Hope ya'll will swing by and visit my store!!

Monthly Onesies Samples

Water Bottle Labels Samples
Baby Stats Samples

Wall Art Samples

Personalized Baby Name Wall Art Samples

 Love to see what you all made for Monday Made It?



  1. I saw your store on your instagram! All of your stuff looks so cute!! Congrats!


  2. Everything looks so cute. I will be sure to check out your store on Etsy. I found you through the link up and am your newest follower. I am also a second grade teacher. I would love for you to come over and check out my blog if you get a chance. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks I am very excited to start my little Etsy business! Lots of little things to learn about to make it successful! :) I looooove your class pet writing journal and hope to bring that idea to our class this year! Also, where did you get that amazing rug!! LOOOVE!!


  3. Congratulations on the Etsy store! I am not quite ready for those big life moments, but when I am, I will have to take a look! :)

    Eclectic Educating

  4. The items in your store are adorable! Good luck with the store, I'm sure you will do very well! :o)


  5. You're opening another store?! That's fantastic! There's so much good stuff on Etsy. Some people are so crafty! Good luck with your store. I'm sure you'll do great!

    Super Sparkly in Second

    1. I know, i must be crazy to be taking on another store, right?!? haha! I am hoping it won't be too overwhelming and worth it in the end! I am just so driven and motivated by cute digital products!!