Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Goals Linky Party!

MAY?!?! Can you believe it??? I don't even know where the time has gone!  Today I am linking with Jen from I (heart) Recess for her May Goals Linky Party to share a little bit about my goals for this last month of school!
 Personal: I kind of have a problem with cleaning...I actually hate it with a passion!! But I also like my house to look like it came out of a magazine!  Soo ultimately I must tidy up a little bit every day to make my house look the way I want it to! Nobody likes to entertain with a disorganized house! 
Health: Since January I've been on a huge running kick! I ran my first race- an 8K in April.  It was such an exhilarating and unique experience that it has inspired me to keep running!  It's a such a great adrenaline rush and a great way to stay motivated to keep my in shape!
Blogging: Wow, blogging has been such a great eye opener for me!  Carrie and I started our blog just this past January and we are having just way too much fun improving and fine tuning our own teaching practices...We have been having such a fun time getting to know other bloggers and their ideas too!  Can't wait to learn more about what others are doing this month as I blog hop around!
School: Stay Calm--it's the end of the year, and you know what that means!! TESTING, TESTING, and MORE TESTING!  It's such a stressful time for students and teachers with all of the testing we have to do!  I especially get a bit anxious around this time because we focus so much on data with our students who need intervention.  I always try not to take it the data so personally if students regress or make little progress...I always have to remind myself that I have done and tried everything I could think of to help my students move forward with their learning!  It's been a great fun year with these 2nd graders!  They are filled with energy, a sense of humor, and hard work! 
Fun: Home decorating!!! I secretly have a crazy obsession with home decorating!! I am the queen of shopping at TJ Maxx's pretty much like my 2nd home!  I can find pretty much anything and everything there that is exactly what I am looking for...often times it takes months to get just the right piece, but you can't beat their prices!! My husband and I will officially be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of being first time home owners in just a few days!  I have been pretty much working on house projects all year to make it our own!  Just a few more finishing touches and perhaps I can be content and enjoy living in our cute little home! :)


  1. The end of the year testing can be stressful on teachers and students. I know I find it hard trying to keep them settled and focused when they know the end is soon approaching and the weather is awesome outside. Congratulations on your one year home owner anniversary!

    Foreman Teaches

  2. Staying calm this time of year is very difficult, great goal to have! Thanks for linking up!


  3. Your house is sooo super cute (and totally looks like it already comes from a magazine!!) Just remember one day when we get a home ourselves you are going to have to help us out with your cute can be a personal home shopper for us!! :)

    Learning to the Core