Sunday, April 28, 2013

Five for Friday . . . . a few days late!

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for . . . .

We had a busy week!

1.  As a part of our measurement unit, we learned about area this week.  Our kiddos really enjoyed making "area robots", an activity I found on Step Into 2nd Grade

2.  Our animal unit is one of my favorite units to teach!  And the kiddos LOVE it!  They are so engaged!  As a part of this unit, students did research on a "mystery animal".  We did all of the research at school and students created the mystery box at home.  The outside of the box was created to look like the habitat of the animal.  Students added facts about their animal on the outside also.  The top of the box has a pull tab with the mystery animal's name and picture.  We shared the boxes with students in the class next door (since they didn't know what animals we had chosen).  I was very proud of their creations!

3.  This week we also learned about cause and effect.  We tied it into our animal unit and we read "A Bad Case of Stripes" - one of my favorite books!  Our kiddos worked in pairs to find the cause or effect for events from the story.  They self checked their answers using QR Codes.  You can get a copy of my A Bad Case of Stripes unit by clicking HERE.

4.  As a part of our classroom economy, students can buy different things for the class.  One of those is "game day".  This was a perfect week for game day!  After working hard all week, we had a "game day" on Thursday.  Students could bring in games from home as long as they weren't electronic - no PS3, iPods, etc.  I loved watching the students play board games, card games, build with jenga blocks and kinects, and even play Twister!  It's a great way for them to build their visual spatial and social skills.  They had a fantastic time!

5.  Next week we are starting geometry.  We are going to start with learning about polygons, 2-D shapes and 3-D shapes.  So, I spent the week finishing my geometry unit!  I'm excited to try some of these activities out with our students next week!  Click HERE to get a copy of it.  

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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