Sunday, March 24, 2013

St. Patrick's Day, Contractions & Spring Break

Spring Break has finally arrived!!!  We all were ready for a much needed break to refresh for the last few months of school.  The husband and I decided to take an impromptu road trip to Austin, TX to cheer on our Illini basketball team in the NCAA March Madness tournament.  Luckily we are avoiding the snow back home!  I spent today shopping in the 2nd Street District downtown Austin, while Brett played some disc golf.  Can't wait for game time tonight!

We started off last week with a sneaky leprechaun leaving a "pot of gold" for us to find.  The kiddos had so much fun searching the room for clues until they found the treasure.  I used clues created by A Cupcake for the Teacher.   We also wrote our ideas about how to catch a leprechaun.  They had some pretty clever ideas!

  Our word work this week was contractions.  The kiddos loved learning how to create contractions and every time they found one in their reading, they are quick to point it out!  We did some "contraction surgery" to create these new words.  I wrote the two words that make a contraction on colorful sentence strips.  The students had to cut them apart and use a band aid to make the apostrophe for the contraction they were creating.  Students worked in pairs and each group shared the contraction they made and the group had to figure out what two words made that contraction.  They really loved this hands-on learning and being "word doctors".

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Spring Break!!


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