Sunday, March 3, 2013

Show Me The Money!

We just finished one of my favorite math units to teach - Money!  Our students really enjoyed this unit too.  In 2nd grade, we spend a lot of time counting with coins.  So, I created a sorting mat that can be used with coins.  I copied the two mats double-sided and laminated them so we could use them during math lessons and with money games and centers.

You can download these mats here or click on the pictures above.

Many of the activities we used came from an Amy Lemons unit called It's All About the Money!  She has some great games and activities that my students really loved!  

I also created these really cute magnetic "piggy bank" trays to use with my kiddos who needed some extra help with counting coins.

I found the idea on Pinterest which led me to Second Grade is Splendid.  After tracing the pig on the trays, I painted them with pink acrylic paint.  You will need 2-3 coats and be sure to use acrylic spray once the paint dries.  This will prevent the pig from chipping when the kids are moving the magnetic money back and forth on the tray.  These trays are great to use with individual students and a fun thing to incorporate into money centers.

~ Carrie

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