Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Bag Labels

One thing that I use with my class are book bags.  Each week, I send home a book bag with a variety of leveled books in the bag.  Students have this bag of books at home all week to read.  They can use the books for their daily independent reading or to read aloud with a family member.  My kiddos get really excited about which bag they are going to get each week and what books are in there! 

Right now, I am using the small reusable bags that I got from Walmart and Target dollar spots.  I have each bag labeled so I can tell them apart and I can keep track of what bag the students take home each week.  After two years, some of these bags and labels are starting to need to be replaced and my need to have them all match is kicking in.  So, I created some new labels that I'm going to try out. 

 I plan on copying them on colored card stock paper and laminating them so they will last.  Now I'm on the look out for some new bags.  I got a few Dr. Seuss bags at the beginning of this school year and would love to get a class set of those for my new book bags!

I have created 42 book bag labels.  It's always good to have some extra book bags in case one gets misplaced or a student forgets to bring theirs back.  If you would like a set of these book bag labels, please check out My TPT Store or click on the picture above.

~ Carrie

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